NFL owners meet to decide whether to move to dome or not

The NFL owners met Tuesday to decide if they will move to a dome.

The owners will meet again in December, and if the owners choose to leave the dome, the league would move to Las Vegas, where it has had two seasons in a row.

If the owners decide to stay in the dome and play in Las Vegas in 2022, they will play their regular season games in Denver.

The NFL will begin playing its season opener in 2021.

The league will open at a new venue in 2021 and play its final season in 2022.

It would be the third time the league has played a season in the new stadium, which was constructed by MGM Resorts International and opened in the fall of 2018.

In 2021, the owners voted to leave and play the next two seasons at the new venue.

The teams had three months to appeal the decision.

A stadium plan approved in 2019 by the Nevada Legislature would have provided an indoor stadium, but the owners decided not to pursue it.