Which teams have the most talented players?

With the 2015 NFL Draft on the horizon, Bleacher Sports is here to bring you a comprehensive ranking of the NFL’s top talent at every position.

We’ll be breaking down the players who have the potential to make a splash in the NFL and how much they will cost to acquire.

We’ll be including the most recent player rankings on the following list, as well as projections for each player’s salary for the 2019 NFL season.

The projected total salaries are based on the latest data available from Spotrac.com, which provides NFL projections.

For the purposes of this article, we’ll use the 2017 NFL Draft as the baseline.

We’ve added in the latest projections for the first three rounds, as opposed to the previous three, to account for a number of factors that may have affected the players’ salaries at the time.

In addition, we’re including the 2017 free agent class as a separate category for comparison purposes.

If you’re new to the list, we’ve outlined how to view the players listed in the table below, along with their projected 2017 salaries, using the player’s projected 2017 salary.

If you’re looking for the full list, check out the full BleacherReport.com 2017 Salary Tracker page.

If the player you’re interested in doesn’t appear here, it’s likely due to a scheduling conflict with another team or league.

For instance, if a player is listed as having an NFL contract but not an NFL team, that team may have decided to extend him a year after the draft instead of waiting for the NFLPA to sign off on his new deal.

So if the player is on the list but not listed in this section, that player may not have been available for your team to sign, even if the team would have needed to make up the difference on the player himself.

The table below will also list players who may have made an offer in the first two rounds of the 2017 draft but not received a contract extension, meaning that they’re free agents after the 2019 season.

The table above also includes the 2017 salaries of the following players:QB1,1: Jared Goff, USC, $21,250,0002: Jameis Winston, Florida State, $17,200,0003: Marcus Mariota, Oregon, $12,900,0004: J.T. Barrett, Ohio State,: $9,900,,5: DeAndre Hopkins, Clemson, $7,800,0006: Blake Bortles, Florida, $6,600,0007: Trevor Siemian, Houston, $5,800,,8: Jacoby Brissett, Alabama, $4,700,0009: Carson Wentz, North Dakota State, : $3,700,,10: Paxton Lynch, Memphis, $2,600,,11: Zach Ertz, Philadelphia, : : $1,600.,12: Josh Allen, North Carolina, :$1,200,,13: Austin Seferian-Jenkins, USC,,,14: Mitch Trubisky, Northampton, ::$1,,15: Josh Doctson, TCU, :,,,16: Mitch Hyatt, Penn State,, :,$1.,17: Carson Fuller, Notre Dame, ::,$1: