Trump has a new wool socks line: ‘Wool socks for men’

President Donald Trump is making a new line of wool socks for women.

Trump’s new wool-based line, which will include his signature wool socks, is named “wool men,” The New York Times reports.

The company is aiming to be a “factory” of sorts, making the socks for customers in a factory where the wool is harvested.

Trump is also making the wool socks in the United States, which the company hopes will attract a lot of customers.

“There is a lot more demand than there was a few years ago,” chief executive of Wool-Socks, Bill Asbell, told The New Yorker magazine.

“And the demand for wool socks is a big driver for our business.”

The socks are priced at $3.50, and are made of 100 percent wool.

They will also be made in the US, with Asbell telling the New York Post that they were made in a “very traditional factory.”

The company’s president said the socks were inspired by the men’s sock, which is made of cotton, but the socks are made from a different type of material.

Asbell, who founded Wool-Wash, has worked with the president since his inauguration, and is now working with him to help develop a product line.

He said Trump’s involvement is helping to bring the brand to the masses.