How the U.S. Army and Marine Corps changed the way they dress for combat

The military is changing its uniforms and gear for combat and in an effort to make it easier for the public to understand how they operate, the U!


is giving away more than 20,000 free plaid socks to everyone in the military.

The socks are available through the U!.


Department of Defense (DoD) at military and government sites, online and at a discount at its online store.

In addition, the socks will be made available at the DoD’s headquarters in Washington.

The new socks are expected to be available in February.

The new socks will allow the public the opportunity to learn more about how the military and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) operate, said DoD Spokeswoman Dana H. Hartwell.

This will allow members of the public who don’t want to purchase new uniforms or boots to understand what is actually on the battlefield, she said.

The socks will also allow members and service members to get acquainted with how the uniform is worn and the uniforms will help them better understand the physical, psychological, and social impacts of war.

The free socks are made from wool and come in two sizes, a small and a medium, to accommodate everyone from those on the front lines to those on home front.

The large sock is made from 100% polyester and has an optional zipper.

The Department of the Army and the Marine Corps (Marine Corps) have made uniform changes in recent years.

The Army has added two layers of fabric to the pants, the Navy has eliminated its front zipper and the Marines are eliminating the ribbon from their uniform.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has also announced it is making a uniform change.