Norwegian wool hoodies

Norwegian wool jackets are now available at the mall.

The Norwegian Wool Company, which makes the jackets, says that the hoodies will help you feel warmer in the cold weather.

The hoodies are currently available for purchase in select Macy’s stores, but will be available for pre-order in select Target stores as well.

Macy’s is offering a discount on the hoodie from $89.99 to $89, which is $2 more than the regular price.

You can get a hoodie for just $59.99.

Nordstrom is also selling the hoody at an additional cost of $20.99 per pair.

In contrast, Target is selling the wool jackets for $79.99 and Target’s price is $99.99 for a pair.

These hoodies, however, are made with 100 percent wool, which helps reduce your body heat.

Nordus said the hooded hoodies were inspired by the hoods worn by the Norwegian royal family.