‘I was a wet-nurse’ says young woman who was raped and murdered

A young woman in rural New Mexico said she had been raped, strangled, stabbed and murdered in a motel room where she was staying.

She was found by police last week in the motel room with the signs of a struggle and a broken wrist, and had bruises and abrasions to her face, according to her uncle, a former nurse who was her roommate.

“The girl was not just a victim.

She died.

And then the family found out and started crying,” said David Houghton, the uncle of the girl who is now 22.

“She was an innocent, beautiful, innocent person.

But she was also murdered.”

Houghton said the boy who found the girl had no idea that the girl was raped.

The boy was upset about the girl’s disappearance, and he asked Houghtons son if he could help find her, according the nephew.

The boy went to the motel, found the victim and called 911, Houghts uncle said.

“We found her and then he called me.

I was in shock.

I didn’t know what to do.”

The uncle said the teen told him that the person who found her was the boy’s uncle.

“I was scared to death,” Houghson said.

The girl’s uncle, Michael Travino, said he told the boy to go to the bathroom, where he found her.

He also said the girl screamed for help.

“He went to get a towel and tried to get out the shower,” he said.

When Houghons son called police, he said, “I knew something was wrong.”

The boy called the 911 dispatcher, and when he was told to wait, he walked out of the room and went to his grandmother’s house, where Houghans daughter was living.

The uncle said he took the girl to the police station to tell the police what happened.

When police arrived, they asked Haughton what he thought about the boy and what he did to her.

“He told me he didn’t mean to do it, but he did,” Haughson said, according a transcript of the interview obtained by Fox News.

Houghson, a retired truck driver, said his son’s reaction was to tell them what happened to his sister and that she died of a broken neck.

Hughson said his niece told him the girl would not have done it without him.

“That was the last time I saw her.

I never saw her again,” Hougson said about his niece, who was 15 at the time of her death.

The nephew, who is a police officer in Colorado, said Houghon has tried to help his nephew in the past.

“This is a boy who has done his best to protect his niece.

This is a kid who is trying to help,” he told Fox News about Hough.”

And I have tried to give him every support that I can,” Houghtons son said.”

She was a little girl.

She loved life.

She would have liked to be with her dad, who she loved, who would have loved her.

She always wanted to be loved.

And now that I know she died, I have lost my only love.”

Huffson said the young woman had a “love of life” and “a very kind heart” and was a “perfect young lady.”

“I don’t think anyone would do what she did, and I don’t know how she would feel,” he added.

Huffons niece said the aunt would always have her back.

“It hurts me so bad to see her go.

She had my whole heart and soul,” she said.

Houghtons mother, who lives in Colorado and was not in attendance for the interview, said she is praying for Houghs niece.

“If it’s not her, I’m praying for my niece,” she told Fox.

Haughton said he hopes Hough will be able to find justice.

“It’s just a big relief.

It’s really hard to come out of that.”