‘I’m going to go to jail’: Woman’s story of being a ‘feminist activist’ at the center of Trump impeachment

A female political activist in Florida who was the victim of an attempted assassination is speaking out about her ordeal in an exclusive interview with MSNBC.

In a piece published on Friday, the Washington Post revealed that a white supremacist was attempting to kill Doreen LaFontaine, a prominent black feminist activist who is a vocal supporter of President Donald Trump.

The incident took place in January, after LaFontaines “protest at the White House” over Trump’s immigration ban and the president’s “birther” claims about the legitimacy of President Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

The story broke after Trump tweeted, “I’ve been warned about Doree LaFontane for years, but I am very concerned about her safety.

It would be a shame if she were harmed in any way.”

LaFontaine’s mother, Donna LaFontains, wrote on Facebook, “She was not an easy person to hurt, but that is what happened to her.”

“It is very sad that my daughter has been shot and that she will be spending the next week in the hospital,” LaFontines added.

“I am so sorry for her loss.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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