When will the next big Apple event happen?

When will Apple unveil its next big event?

That’s the question Apple is asking its shareholders, and if the company’s CEO Tim Cook can get it answered.

Cook made a speech on Thursday, when the company is expected to unveil a revamped lineup of iPhones, and it’s unclear whether the company will unveil the new phones in a more familiar way.

But Cook’s presentation seemed to hint that the company could unveil some new products this year, including a refreshed MacBook Pro line.

“Today we’ll talk about what we’re doing to drive innovation in a new generation of products,” Cook said.

“And yes, we’re talking about the next generation of the MacBook Pro.

The MacBook Pro is the best computer on the planet, and we’re not going to stop there.”

Cook said that the new MacBook Pro would include an improved battery life, which will improve battery life by as much as 30 percent.

It would also have a new fingerprint sensor, and “a much faster processor and new hardware to improve the performance of the processor and graphics,” Cook added.

Apple’s next-generation MacBook Pro has been on hold since Apple last refreshed it in 2015, but the company said it will have another refresh in 2020.

Cook did not specify the refresh.

But the next-gen MacBook Pro will also come with a revamped processor and a refreshed display, so there will likely be some changes to the MacBook Air lineup as well.

“We have some things that we can reveal,” Cook told the audience, referring to the refreshed MacBook Air line.

“But the thing that we’re announcing today is the next MacBook Air.

The next MacBook Pro.”

Cook also teased new MacBook Pros with a “beautiful” color scheme, as well as an improved GPU and more storage.

“The next MacBook is going to have a beautiful color scheme,” Cook continued.

“It’s going to be like the color of the sunset.

We’re going to make sure it looks stunning and the way you want to see it.””

We have a lot of great things that are coming in the next few years,” Cook went on.

“There are some things in there that are going to surprise people, and some things we’re excited about.”